Put Karma on the Right Side of Your Path

Using Your Weekends

Preparing for the coming week is something most traders do Monday morning. Instead of waiting until the last moment, though, you should spend a few hours over the weekend trying to ready yourself for the beginning of the trading week. Just because the major markets are not open at this point doesn’t mean that things

Trading the Dollar After the Fed Speaks

One of the advantages that U.S. traders have when it comes to the Forex market is that we are last in terms of the order for the day. By the time active trading begins in New York, All of Asia and Europe have already begun, and since the dollar is the world’s most highly traded

Seeing the Good News in Bad Reports

There are more than two people for every job opening in the United States right now. This kind of news seems discouraging at first since that means even if every job opportunity was full, there would still be a lot of people without jobs. But it also leaves a lot of room for businesses to